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Gametlover Shop

Where You Can Buy Lots of Korean & Japan CDs & DVDs

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Note : Kalau anda orang Indonesia, silakan berkunjung ke site http://rvn-musikindo.blogspot.com yah... Makasih ^^v

Gametlovershop and rVn-musikindo is taking order original's CD/DVD (and some Merchandise).
Here is some goods that've been ordered by us :
*some pictures*
The stuffs will be ordered from Korea/Hongkong/Japan directly! :)

Contact Person
Email : shinhw4_girl@yahoo.com / kisaragi_chan2002@yahoo.com

Please fill this form :)

Name :
Complete Address :
Phone / Mobile Number :
E-mail Address (if you have) :
Stuffs you're order (please include the details, like japan ver/korean ver/HK ver) :

After sending the form above, we will reply with the total price and our paypal address :)

How to pay :
1. Via PayPal
2. Send the 100% of the the total order include the shipping fee.
3. The price list doesn't include the shipping fee from Indonesia to your country, so' please don't mind to contact us when you're gonna taking your order.

Other's Explanation :
1. Stuffs will be arrived in Indonesia in about 2-4 weeks (it will be more longevity if it being holded by customs).
2. We order stuffs from Korea every 1st week and 3rd weeks every months. (If you paid at the 2nd week, it'll be included in 3rd week's order, payment in 4th week, will be included in 1st week next month's order).
3. Seller will not ship Nationally.

Some item above with picture is ready stock, but it doesn't include the shipping fee, so don't mind to contact us!!